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How To Grow

  • 05:11 How to Grow Roses

    How to Grow Roses

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    There's nothing better than the smell of fragrant roses in your garden. They're a classic flower and comes in heaps of colours but they do need a lot of love. We'll cover planting, growing, pruning and maintenance so you can have a garden full of blooming

  • 06:20 How to Grow Fruit Trees

    How to Grow Fruit Trees

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    Picking fruit from your own tree is not only satisfying but can also be juicier, sweeter and has more healthy vitamins and minerals. This Mitre 10 guide will show you how to grow your fruit tree easy as.

  • 04:31 How to Grow Tomatoes

    How to Grow Tomatoes

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    Tomatoes are extremely popular. The're really versatile, pop them in a salad, a burger or use them in your cooking. You can't have enough tomatoes. Learn how to plant them, grow them and care for them so you'll have a good supply on hand for some good eat

  • 04:07 How to Grow Potatoes

    How to Grow Potatoes

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    The good old potato. You can use them in so many different ways, from salads to Sunday roasts. Find out how to grow them, care for them and harvest them so you'll have a good supply of spuds for the pantry.

  • 04:07 How to Grow Strawberries

    How to Grow Strawberries

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    Strawberries are one of the most popular summer fruits. They taste great on their own, and top off a pavlova nicely – plus, they’re pretty easy to grow. I’ll show you how to plant them, and care for them, and I’ll give you a few ha